Cooper the Copperband

CooperWe just got a new fish and his name is Cooper, the Copperband. He’s a bit too big for the tank, but he’s only passing through since we’ll likely trade him in in a few months (assuming we don’t buy a bigger tank…) so it shouldn’t be a big. Continue reading

My Custom Split-Sump 50 Gallon Reef Tank

The Build was certainly learning experience – one I’m still learning from. I started by first buying an aquarium stand that looks good and would fit the room nicely – first mistake. although it looked nice, it quickly realized it was not designed for the type of system it was going to have to house for a successful reef tank. Continue reading

“If you eat your pack mule….

… you had better be ready to carry your own gear.”

Uttered out loud in a user comment section of some web site on the interweb. Never the less, no truer words have ever been spoken 🙂

so it begins

OK – so it begins. This will be my first true blog. I’m not really sure what I’ll write about, but i think once things get rolling here I’ll have something to say. I seem to have a lot of opinions lately about life, people, politics, recent technology advancements and society in general, which all make good fodder for general bloging. Don’t worry, I wont get too serious but I do promise to keep it at least mildly sarcastic.

Stay tuned as i begin renovating this small slice of the web and put my own stamp on it. Be sure to check back every once in a while – i think you’ll find at least some of it interesting.