A “Minimum” Wage

All the talk about minimum wage has died down just a bit but, I recently came across a conversation on social media about the minimum wage that included this meme.dumb-meme-about-minimum-wage

It got me thinking about what the minimum wage really is. Some would argue that a minimum wage should be a wage that is “at least” what you need to survive and raise family.  I would argue that it should be the “least” you need to barely get buy.

A minimum wage is just that – a “minimum” wage. In my opinion, it should not be a wage you feel comfortable with. It should not be enough to raise a family of four on, it should not be enough to keep you satisfied. It should however, be barley enough to get you started and low enough to make you want to do something about your situation and force you to strive for something more.

Nothing was ever made better by settling for the minimum of what was possible