Who Are The Real Racists Among Us?

Since I’ve had to deal with the Federal government and programs over seen by the federal government more and  more over the past few weeks and months than I ever had to before (due to the ACA, housing loans etc…), I’ve learned the only true way to insure color blindness as it relates to race, is to make sure to label everyone with their color. That way we know who the racists are…

They say everyone should be color blind, yet they won’t let anyone forget about color. Every form I fill out, ever questionnaire I take, even questions asked over the phone – they want to know what nationality I am. I always thought I was an American. Apparently I’m white with Hispanic descent. Does that make me brown or white? Does it matter? It doesn’t to me. Well, at least it didn’t until recently.

Apparently it’s important since every time I talk to someone in an official capacity, they want to know.