Finding Local Fish Stores Just Got Easier

One day I was driving around looking for a particular fish store and just could not find it. I pulled over and I tried searching for it online by name and could not find it. I tried searching the map on my smart phone using key words such as Aquarium shop, Fish store, Saltwater Aquarium Shop, Coral Store, just to name a few – all to no avail. I quickly realized that many of the local shops here in phoenix just don’t take the internet seriously enough and as a result they are not easy to find unless you know right where they are.

I’m sure many of the owners are busy running their businesses and may not have the time to make sure their search listings are up to date or even listed in the various online directories and maps. I figured since I have the skills and a need, I might as well just create my own online directory. This way, the next time I find myself looking for some local fish store, or aquarium shop, all I have to do is pull up and I would instantly have a list of all the local shops.

It works pretty well and I’m slowly filling in the blanks. I want to expand this to include other cities, such as Tucson, Prescott, Flagstaff, Payson, Yuma – even Sierra Vista.

If you know of any local stores that you think should be listed, please leave me a message below and I’ll get it put on the list.

Visit the site at: