Reaching the Nine-Month Mark


the new tank (ya I still call it new) is hitting the nine-month mark. this is an exciting time for a new tank. Somewhere between the 6 and 9 month mark a saltwater aquarium will really begin to shine as the natural systems in an aquarium begin to mature. By this time most of the kinks will be worked out both in the water  chemistry as well as in all the mechanical parts that make up the life support systems.

IMG_3030.jpgsince the tank went online, I have replaced the Protein Skimmer. I replaced the undersized Reef Octopus 150 with a more capable AquaMaxx EcoMaxx EM200. I also DYIed a basic Algae Scrubber, and I recently replaced the main return pump. This involved removing the old Blueline HD30-X and re-plumbing a new Waveline DC-6000, Variable Speed return pump. this has made a huge difference. I now have more control over flow rate from the pump, and it’s makes about a quarter of the noise as the old pump did. making is nearly silent

Although I wish things would progress faster, I have to say,  I’m satisfied with progress. Some words of wisdom I have come across a number of time in this hobby; “Nothing good happens quickly”.  With that said – I figured this would be a good time to update the tank photos with the.


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