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Beer and Fish

So I recently entered a photo contest at 3reef.com. Unlike other “photo contests” though, this one had a cool twist. The task was create a beer label design using photos from your own tank. Of course when I read about this I had to enter. I mean – who doesn’t love beer, and saltwater aquariums?

To win it, I knew it needed to be clever and had look good. So I started shooting a few images of the new tank but still didn’t have any good ideas was to what it should be. After looking through the photos and coming across a particularly nice shot of Kora, the Yellow Coris Wrasse, I came up with “Coris Light” – an obvious play on words for “Coors Light”. I had to win.

Coris Light Beer labelI shared my idea with my better half, Darlene, and she loved it. She then came up with the tag line that tied it all together; “Better than all the wrasse so you can goby all you can be“. I personally believe that’s what pushed my entry over the edge and got me the extra few votes that ultimately allowed me to win.

The full list of entries can be seen at this 3reef.com thread
The final vote can be viewed at the 3reef.com voting thread

You can view the full resolution version of the label here: Coris Light Beer label


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